At The Pain Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • I've been seeing Dr. Alexander for 20 yrs now. He is the best out there. I'm sitting here writing this because of his help. There isn't enough room here to say all that he has done for me. Trust me, they don't come any better than him and his fantastic staff. Thank you all

    - K.J.
  • Dr. Alexander is a very caring doctor. I would recommend him to anyone I know. And his staff is great also. A good place to be cared for.

    - J. M.
  • Dr. Alexander is the best

    - D. M.
  • Everyone is very pleasantly in the office. Dr. Alexander is very caring and does his best to help.

    - K.
  • Dr. Alexander and staff are very professional in handling all pain care. They are very helpful in managing pain! Receptionist are very polite and helping with directing questions and needs! Thank you for your services and caring about your patients!

    - B. H.
  • My wife (Rhonda) has been a patient of Dr. Anthony Alexander's for 14 years now. Dr. Alexander was actually a workman's comp physician for her after she suffered an accident 3/18/2008. After she was released from w.c. her family physician ask her "what would you like to go from here?" and she ask to be be referred to Dr. Alexander. He has never second guessed himself, always sending Rhonda to another specialist (Indy & New Albany) for another opinion on her case. He has truly been a God send to our family. He and all his staff are always kind, professional, yet show us the best of care.

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  • I think Dr. Alexander is the best doctor to ever come into my life. Him and his staff are always caring, organized, efficient and respectful. They listen and try to help, instead of judge and patronize like so many health care providers do these days.

    - S.
  • Dr. Anthony Alexander and his staff are consummate professionals in every sense imaginable. I have been a patient for many years and they have helped me tremendously. It's satisfying in knowing that Seymour, IN has choices when it comes to pain management and are not forced to use the more expensive option of the local hospital.

    Show More - T.
  • Best doctor in the world. I love him. I have been with him for since 2001. And I wouldn't want to go any other doctor. He is a caring and loving gentle doctor who listens to patients. Best Doc in Seymour.

    - R. Y.
  • Dr. Alexander and the staff are wonderful !! Would recommend Dr. A to any of my family and friends.

    - J. M.
  • Doctor Alexander and staff are amazing. Strict but actually cares about us as people not just patients. Sent me to different specialist to make sure of the progression of ever different problem and acted on it accordingly. And continues to do so. Thank you Doc. For your care and human bed side manor.

    Show More - J. V.
  • I love the folks at Dr. Alexander’s office. They’re great. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Have always answered any and all my questions

    - P. Y.
  • My experience has been a long road but thanks to the team at pain management they have me in a position where I am able to cope with my post-surgery pain. I am very appreciative of the care that I have received from the receptionist to the interaction with the nursing staff and of course Dr. Alexander.

    Show More - R. M.
  • Dr. Alexander and all of his staff are excellent. They actually care about us the patients. Dr. Alexander has his nurses take all your history for the past month and they review with him and then he reviews with you. That way he knows exactly what is going on with you. Dr. Alexander has kept me going for numerous years. He is the most knowledgeable man you could possibly imagine. His office staff is wonderful also. They keep him on the ball. His office is ran like a fine-oiled machine.

    Show More - T. L.
  • My experience with Dr. Alexander has been great. I've been seeing him for 4 plus years now and my pain has diminished substantially. He truly cares about his patients and treats them with respect. I highly recommend PMRC.

    - H. R.
  • Dr. Alexander is by far the best doctor. I've seen several over the years for past injuries. I've been going here for several years now. He's done many procedures. All of them were done perfectly! He is very very knowledgeable in his trained field with pain management and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

    Show More - P. D.
  • Dr. A has did more for me in 6 months than my other Dr did in the last 5 years I seen him. First he ran the necessary test to find out a lot of things that he need to know so he would know what kind of shape I was truly in and he went from there come to find out I need a neck operation and I mean I need it. If not it is bad enough I could be paralyzed my spinal cord is being choked off. The doctor before him didn't seem to care about nothing but his 15 min time limit, not where I am going now. You get a hour they are very good all around staff and all. They are very honest people, they have a sign up there now this is in my words. It basically means you mess around you won't be around and most of you know what I mean. One more thing they have 2 offices. I am not as young as I once was and therefore my memory isn't what it once was and they have showed me they have patience.

    Show More - B. B.
  • Dr. Alexander is a caring professional. In my personal experience with Dr. Alexander.......medicine distribution and treatments are done in a manner for the well being of his patients wanting to help provide a healthy safe livable life.

    - T. E.

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